Dirk Gebhardt/laif
Since the early 1980s years Traveller families were driven from the streets and squares of Dublin in the satellite towns Ballyfermot and Ballymun, a romanticized by the media as "Urban Cowboy" Pony subculture developed in Dublin. The new neighbors (Traveler) consider their horses as an essential part of their family. The Piebalds grazed on the few public green areas in the immediate vicinity of playgrounds and youth centers. What was a special attraction for the children and youth. As for the traveler horsedealing represented also a substantial part of their income changed in a very short time a few ponies their owners. Thus, a spontaneous Pony Kid subculture developed. The horses were the identification and status symbol of youth. In the heyday of this subculture, early to mid-1990 years, it was only in the two districts Ballyfermont and Ballymun up to 300 Piebalds. The Ballymun Stabels, a set up by the local population "youth center" has become synonymous with